dengan nama ALLAH

dengan nama ALLAH

Sunday, May 15, 2011

lagu tu..bau tu yg paling mustahak

xpernah pernah aku duk dalam kete ne waktu petang camne..bunyi lagu yang silih berganti menambahkan perasan utuk aku buat entry ne.. its juz about that smelll
i love that smell, naper ek? hahahah..
itz all about him.. 
that car is my dad car..
that smell for his car, is my dad's car too..
m got crazy for all that stuff..
uh...wat a nonsense entry today...
m pray that he never come to me again..
i wish for that...
juz for one reason..
i juz want my life before
y did i keep dreaming about him?
i stick miss him
everythg is remind me about him...
too bad hah??

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