dengan nama ALLAH

dengan nama ALLAH

Sunday, April 24, 2011

miss miserable

today, i feel that m a very miserable person.
to many question in my mind, n m never have a chance to answer it all
should i cry?
should i been worries?
should i been pretending that m epy?
piss it off..
can i advise my selft that he is so sincere wif me?
cz he had met my parentz?
hey...that juz a beginning
we can expect the whole story..
even that we had a synopsis
he make me feel strange,
like a prisoner..
somethg had knocking my heart..
it screaming in my mind
it punch my soul
m sick???
wat if..
he jz prentending?
he jz show off?
he jz want to fool me?
jz want to hurt me?
can anyone answers it for me...
my soul..
could do my pleasure
can u stalker him n look after him n plz report the all thing to me..
plz, do it
so i can stop thinking of him..

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